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Melissa Angyalfi - November 27, 2020
Timely response, enthusiastic, excellent work
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Kevin H - October 03, 2020
Leo from Marblelife did a fantastic job of resealing our grout in our penthouse condo. I contacted Leo, who gave me a detailed explanation of his product and service. He recommended that I clean the tile myself. I got the cleaner from him and followed his instructions. Cleaning the grout was easy, given his product and direction. He then came in the next day to reseal the grout with a colored sealer that lasts up to 6 years. He did a fantastic job. He gave me instructions on how to keep our tile clean and in good condition. I would definitely use his services again and am recommending him to family and friends.
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Casey Smith - September 07, 2020
Leo from Marblelife was very professional and delivered a great service. Having stained marble due to improper cleaning, Leo assured me it could be fixed which made me happy. 1-2 hours later and was pleased with the result. Almost like new again. Price dependent on dimensions etc. and was happy with the price given the work involved. Would recommend him for anyone looking to restore or fix marble, granite, etc.
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John Drysdale - September 04, 2020
I purchased a new stove and needed a small amount of granite removed in order for it to fit. I contacted Marblelife and Leo came to my rescue. He scheduled the work for the following day. The workmanship was outstanding and professional. The value for the work was reasonable and competitive. I also appreciated Leo’s assistance with the final cleanup.
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Lori Fischer - July 24, 2020
Leo did a great job restoring our limestone floor to look like new. Previous owner did not use the proper substrate underneath the floor during installation which resulted in numerous cracks running across the tiles. Leo filled and polished the cracks and removed etching caused by acidic cleaners. Looks like new! He also polished up our marble counter tops to look gorgeous again. Highly recommend!
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Guy Ward - June 10, 2020
Leo provided great service and was well educated on maintaining granite surface tops. We are very happy with his chip repair work and sealing our granite worktops.
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Linda Brown - March 04, 2020
Very happy with Leo! Very prompt service (same day!) and very professional. My quartz counters look brand new - even better than new.
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Glenn Fennell - December 07, 2019
An awesome job by Leo at Marblelife in refreshing the travertine floors throughout the house. Very pleased with the results! I highly recommend Leo @ Marblelife to look after your stone floor requirements.
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Robert Leblond - November 26, 2019
Very diligent and conscientious group providing quality workmanship on time and for the budget. Highly recommended for refinishing marble stone. I only have but excellent recommendations for Marblelife of Calgary.
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Rita Popowich - November 01, 2019
I had my bathroom floor and shower plus 2 hearths revitalized and cleaned by Marblelife. I think the marble looks better than when initially installed. I am pleased. Leo is a perfectionist and worked late into the evening to get the job to his satisfaction. I recommend without equivocation.
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Carol Lindholm - June 21, 2019
Had Leo refinish the top of my Carrara Marble Table. His service was prompt, reliable and trustworthy. His pricing was competitive and he was able to complete the job two days after I called him. I would highly recommend Marblelife.
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John Wearing - May 18, 2019
Hardworking and focused on conducting professional work. Very pleased!
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James Lind - May 16, 2019
Had the marble tiles and grout refinished by Leo in our foyer. Leo is very conscientious, communication is great (he calls when on his way - shows up on time) We were wary because of the cost but the end result is amazing and we are very happy we went forward with the project!
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Mona Birdwell - May 07, 2019
Leo did a good job the first time he was here. The polished finish is still good (2 years later). I did have to have him back to clean up the edges around door jams. He is very personable, arrived on time .
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Mavis Clark - May 05, 2019
Leo is an excellent technician and works his magic .... making all the marble and granite services sparkle like new. I would highly recommend the Calgary Marblelife.
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Jason - April 14, 2019
Leo with Marble Life is an expert when it comes to stone surface maintenance and repair. I rely on professionals Like Leo who have passion and "know how" in their respective field. If you have any questions about your solid surface finishes then contact Leo.
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Linda Smith - March 23, 2019
Leo was amazing! Brought a dull coffee table back to its full glory! Clean ,friendly and great to chat with as he worked! Highly recommend him and his talent! Thankyou
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Orysia Bachinsky - March 03, 2019
Leo did an amazing job making my etched and stained marble look brand new. He was meticulous and took his time. I highly recommend him for his friendliness and pristine workmanship!!
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Reece Kosek - January 15, 2019
leo is an expert in his field , very attentive , energetic works till you are satisfied i know that you work on expensive products ,i feel your pricing is high , based on the time and equipment that is used
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Janais Turuk - January 07, 2019
Leo did an EXCEPTIONAL job of repairing a chip on my counter top - you cannot tell that the counter top was damaged. I was particularly impressed with how much I learned about my granite and marble counter tops - all the 'do's and don'ts', how to clean and care for them, etc. Leo took the time to explain how to care for my counter tops and answered all of my questions - I feel like a pro now! Lastly, I was very impressed that he did not suggest or take unnecessary work. When I suggested that I bring him back in a few years to re-seal my counter top, he was sure to point out how easy it is to do this myself and referred me to a vendor that he trusts, to get the proper product. Well done Leo and Marble Life!
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Lisa Tomalin-Reeves - January 04, 2019
Leo was awesome...prompt, excellent attention to detail and respectful of our home...we had our master en-suite shower re-caulked and parts regrouted as well as the marble floors polished and buffed out any spots /stains...super happy with the result and would absolutely use / recommend Leo!
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Janet Gehring - December 23, 2018
When I hired Marblelife, I was nervous. It was a luxury item to have my old marble floors redone and I wasn’t sure if anything could be done to fix the floor. I had thought to replace the flooring but decided to speak to Leo at Marblelife instead. He gave me a quote, some guidance to prep the floor and showed up promptly to start the job. The result is better than I expected. It is both clean and fresh looking with unique veining which makes the floor sparkle. In addition, Leo was able to remove the strange boot print that has been etched in the marble since the floor was installed. It was a very good decision to hire Marblelife.
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Mike Bolen - October 08, 2018
Always a pleasure working with marblelife. Best in the business of tile restoration and tile repair.
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Jay Crooks - September 28, 2018
Leo did a fantastic job on our ensuite travertine floor and steam shower! He brought the floor back better than new! He is very knowledgeable about the problems I had and what to do to fix them!! Thanks Leo!
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Michael Frederick - September 04, 2018
Our Marblelife representative, Leo, was very knowledgeable, detailed and conscientious - which is exactly the approach you want in a service rep. The marble looks great, brought back to it's original quality. He pointed out that some of our bathroom caulking needed to be redone - and redid it. Great service.
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Jennifer Rillera - August 29, 2018
Marble life is very professional. Leo is very objective on his recommendations I have dealt with Marble Life - Dubai branch for a long time
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Stephen - June 04, 2018
Leo repolished my marble countertops that had very bad etching and made then look like new again. Extremely happy with the results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Leo and Marblelife. He’s very knowledgeable, and takes the time to explain the process and address all questions and concerns.
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Terence Gibson - May 26, 2018
The work, which was removing the gloss on our granite kitchen counters, was accomplished promptly and professionally.
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Ajit Kaur - May 21, 2018
Great service !!! Black tiles (other marble services told me no one would touch the black tiles because you won’t see the difference) marblelife Calgary made that difference. Our granite black tiles are all shiny now Leo is friendly personality. Efficient at his job.
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Bonnie Davies - May 17, 2018
I had previously contacted Leo for his professional expertise on a commercial flooring project, but this was the first time for my own home. I had almost ruined my marble floors by using incorrect information from a tile company on cleaning and sealing my floors. Leo was able to save my floors and return them to their original beautiful shine and luster. Thanks again Leo!
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Bridget Saunders - May 15, 2018
Leo Is professional, knowledgeable and skilled st his job. I have used Leo’s service for tile repair and marble polishing twice now. I would recommend his work to anyone!
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Jean-Mathieu Brassard - May 13, 2018
Leo came over for a service call for marble floor repair. He was quick to come see the job and he was very competent and knowledgeable with the product.
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Craig Stuart - February 26, 2018
Liked the detailed quote outlining what work was going to be done. Appreciated having the company history and references included in the quote. Found Leo’s verbal report of what he found once he had cleaned and inspected the grout very useful. Very happy with the quality of the finished product
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Jeff Okamura - November 27, 2017
Leo was very good and knowledgeable at solving the problem. Thanks
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Derek Brown - November 21, 2017
We had a toptech counter cut to receive a new slide in range. The technician advised it would be a dusty job and so we removed as much as we could from the area. He built a dust tent around the area and did a great cleanup afterwards and we ended with very little mess. The cut (3cuts, 1/2" off each side plus the back) was done freehand and so wasn't exactly straight but when we slid in the new range it fit fine and everything looked good. All in all a great job and a really great technician doing the work.
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Judy Anderson - November 16, 2017
Leo is very professional and thorough. Great to work with
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Peter Dunlops - November 12, 2017
We were happy with the tech and the service
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Elaine Lenz - October 31, 2017
Great job!...Elaine
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Ruth Ross - September 15, 2017
Job well done but a bit expensive for what was needed on the table.
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Pat Farrel - August 08, 2017
I appreciated the prompt and polite service i received. The tecknician arrived on time nd completed the task as planned. The work was very good and the end product was what we were looking for. Will be caling back
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Marvin Mutschler - July 22, 2017
Our marble floor appearance was in very poor condition and we were concerned that it was beyond restoration. Leo restored and polished the floor over a few short hours, and also restored the grout. We highly recommend Leo and Marblelife to anyone who is in need of refinishing their floors . Marvin and Linda Mutschler Medicine Hat, Ab.
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Anne Bertram - July 11, 2017
Thanks to Leo at Marblelife for his prompt service and affordable pricing. After spilling Apple Cider Vinegar I thought my beautiful countertop would have to be replaced, but Leo was able to restore to its original finish. I Will be sure to call Leo for all my marble needs.
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D Pahl - January 12, 2017
We have worked with Leo and his team at Marblelife for more than 10 years. They have provided us with great service and kept our stone looking like new. I would recommend Marblelife to anyone with stone surfaces, for either regular maintenance or restoration.
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Shane Arthur - October 01, 2016
It was a pleasant experience. Very good communication, an ability to be flexible with times, a good end result, good advice and a good price. Would recommend!
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Barrie Anderson - August 17, 2016
To begin with I was very hesitant, and after talking to suppliers and installers I thought the only way to fix my (natural stone) floor was to replace it. How wrong I was! When Marblelife was done with are floor it "TRUELY" looked like it was replaced. I will be one of their best sales people and will continue to support and use their services for life. Barry
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Tracy Harrell - July 25, 2016
Leo did an amazing job and provided some great advise on our floor moving forward.we had a terrible lemon stain in our limestone floor and Leo removed it with no trace.
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Sandra Leith - June 29, 2016
Leo has come to our home twice. We like the fact that Leo will travel out to Lethbridge as there is no service like his locally. I appreciated him calling to check and see if we needed anything done as he knew he would be in our area. I love seeing my tile all shined up - it takes some time and an investment on our part but just part of the maintenance of high end stone products. Leo is never disruptive to our lives when he works. Leaves things tidy. Very friendly attitude with a great work ethic.
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Brad Farrar - June 24, 2016
I had a very good experience with the services provided by Leo Teo! He did an assessment of the work to be done and then did the job exactly as he said he would. My client was very happy with the work that was done. Thanks.
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